1. Get started!


To produce the perfect sound, our creators need to know exactly what you're looking for. Be as specific as you can to ensure that you attract the right talent to your project. It helps to stand out!
2. Give some examples


Audio examples:

Guide the participants with sounds samples, so they can work on the correct approach.
3. Personalize the contest

About images

When selecting a contest image:
Pick an image to use that makes your contest standout in the contest feed.

When using a background image:
Use a contest background image to brand or customize the visual the sound creators see.

When you don’t have a video:
Use an alternative background image if you don’t have a video, otherwise we will have a default image posted for you.
4. Select prize and dates


The prize is how much you are giving to the winner. If you want more information about the prize, check our FAQ page.